Fibrous and cellulose sausage casings

Cellulose and Fibrous casings

Fibrous and cellulose casings

DCL, as the official distributor of  VISKASE  in the Baltic States, offers fibrous sausage casings VISKASE/WALSRODER, large-caliber cellulose casings LCC, PRECISION, cellulose casings for frankfurters NOJAX, and fibrous transfer casings SMOKEMASTER.

NOJAX are regenerated cellulose casings that are offered in shirred form and are intended for automated production of hot dogs as well as dried mini salami sausages. The casings are smoke permeable.

Large Caliber Cellulose casings are mainly used for the production of boiled and salami sausages. There are several types of LCC casings that differ from each other in flexibility. All cellulose casings are water and smoke permeable, have high barrier properties against microorganisms and fat. The advantage of cellulose casings is an attractive, shiny appearance and they are easy to print on.

Fibrous casings are produced by forming a continuous tube from special paper that is saturated with regenerated cellulose. They are smoke and water permeable and can be used for the production of all types of sausages, ham products and cheese sausages. Fibrous casings are especially well suited for products that are intended to be cut into slices.

Full-color design fibrous casings SOLIFIB XO FIBROUSE

Specially designed smoke-permeable cellulose-fibrous casing with varnish-paint coating, intended for the production of all types of sausages, hams and cheese products. Designed to make the external appearance of finished products more effective, more visible and more recognizable.

Printing options

A wide range of design options for printing starting with 1+0, ending with 6+6 synchronous printing. Only alcohol color printing is possible


Starting with 32, ending with 120


For available colors, see color catalogs


Casings are available in rolls, shirred, ready to use, as well as cut and clipped to order.

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