Heat-shrink and vacuum bags

DCL produces various types of heat-shrink and vacuum bags for meat, dairy, aquaculture and vegetable processing industry.

Heat shrink bags - SOLIBAG T

Heat-shrink bags are designed for packing products in a vacuum. Due to the high shrinkage properties of 45 to 55%, the material shrinks at elevated temperatures, forming the shape of the product.

Shrink bags are available in thicknesses starting from 40 microns up to 95 microns.

    • Solibag T series – standard shrink bags
    • Solibag T VB series – Medium barrier printed heat-shrink bags
    • Solibag TE series – shrink bags for extended shelf lives
    • Solibag T Max series – heat shrink bags with extra high puncture resistance.
    • Solibag T Cheese series – shrink bags for cheese:
      • Solibag T HG – Heat shrink bags with high gas permeability;
      • Solibag T LG – heat shrink bags with low gas permeability
    • Solibag T Cook series – shrink bags designed for cooking/steaming and sous-vide products

We produce:

    • Side seams
    • Bottom seams
    • Straight seams
    • Curved seams
    • As well as bags on tape

Polygraphic printing with spirit based inks are also possible – maximum 6+6. Available with both synchronous printing and edge-to-edge printing.

Vacuumbags - SOLIBAG V

Vacuumbags are designed to be used for packaging various products in vacuum and gas environment. Vacuum bags  are available in various thicknesses with medium and high barrier properties.

A wide range of vacuum bag sizes are available:

    • width from 90mm to 600mm
    • length from 100mm to 800mm
    • Thickness from 40mic to 120mic

SOLIBAG V are intended for packing meat, meat products, fish, nuts and other products. SOLIPACK offers bags with different structures for different applications:

    • PET/PE;
    • PA/PE;
    • PA/PE/EvOH;
    • PET/PO


With different bag compositions:

    • Transparent/Transparent
    • Transparent/Gold
    • Transparent/silver
    • Transparent/printed
    • Printed/printed

Various types of  euro punches  and “easy opening grooves” are available.

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