Collagen casings

Collagen casings

DCL offers in its assortment both edible and non-edible collagen collagen casings from “Devro” and “Fabios”. Collagen casings are produced from bovine collagen using highly advanced extrusion and production methods. Collagen casings are used in a large variety of products, starting from frankfurters, smoked cheese sticks and ending with mortadella sausages.

Edible collagen casings

Edible collagen casings produced by DEVRO perfectly replace the natural intestinal casings, providing an excellent bite, natural appearance and ease of use. The easy-to-bite, or edible casings are intended for the production of sausages, frankfurters and snacks. Different types of edible casings are available in the DCL assortment:

    • Fine Edible Collagen casings
    • Select Edible Collagen casings
    • Rondo Edible Collagen casings
    • Stix Edible Collagen casings

Non-edible collagen casings

The thicker, or “non-edible” collagen casings are intended for the production of boiled, semi-dried, dried, hot and cold smoked sausages, as well as various smoked products. These casings provide an attractive natural look of the product and ease of use.

Advantages of working with collagen casings:

    • Natural look for the product
    • High mechanical strength
    • Possibilities to work with meat masses at temperatures below 0 degrees
    • A wide range of colors, which, depending on the desired tone, allows to reduce smoking times
    • Printing options

Collagen films: 


    • DCL offers both collagen films for smoked hams and tubular films

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