Cellulose films and products - SOLIPACK CELOFILM


Our company manufactures cellulose film rolls used for the production of food products. The raw material of the film rolls is the cellulose film of the Chinese company SHAOXING CHUNMING

    • Cellulose film is produced from plants.
    • Cellulose film is an environmentally friendly material, as it can completely decompose within a couple of years.
    • The plasticity of the cellulose film depends on the production technology. Its elasticity is affected by the amount of glycerin in its composition.
    • The cellulose film has increased thermoresistance and can withstand up to 100°C, which allows to obtain a well-cooked product.
    • Cellulose film has no coatings and does not have thermo-bonding properties.
    • Cellulose film is used in making rolls
    • Cellulose film is also used in the production of smoked meat mesh, because when using cellulose film for this product, the mesh comes off the product more easily
    • Cellulose film is used for high-quality smoked meat products with reduced moisture content in the recipe
    • Cellulose film is also used in the production of mortadella type sausages

Cellulose sausage casings - SOLIPACK CEL KCE

Our company produces cellulose sausage casings –  SOLIPACK CEL KCE, which is based on cellulose film raw material.

Sausage casings:

Sleeves are used for the production of various products like:

    • Varied structure rolls with or withou net
    • Mortadella
    • Roasts
    • Smoked cheese
    • Fish roulette

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